jueves, 1 de noviembre de 2012

Make a toast !

I like try new drinks. In Canada, I tried some new drinks.
But more of try, I like to make a toast looking into the eyes of the another person.

In Canada I did many "cheers" with people of differents countries.
This video is a "little" example of that.

Some of my friends in Canada making a toast :

lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

Homestay vs Rent an apartment.

When I went to Canada, I arrived in a Homestay (Family's House). But after 1 month, I decided to move to a shared house. I prefered a place more independent, where you can do anything you want (for example, in my homestay I couldn't listen music loud after 10 pm, because 2 childrens were living there). So, it was more confortable for me. Ok, like in a homestay, in a shared house you should make rules with the other people that live there. For example, if we wanted to do a party, we asked before to the other persons. And fortunately, in the most of the times, everybody wanted to do a party too, jaja (of course, we are young =p ).

I moved to an apartment with my chilean friend (Marce). When the owner said "apartment", I thought it was a building. But not. Apartment was a house with 2 floors and 1 basement. The first floor and the basement we share with one Turkey girl, and after 1 month, with one Mexican girl too. And in the second floor were living 2 brazilians. It was really nice live with them.

Is true. Some people prefer live in a homestay and some people prefer live in an apartment. I think this depend of many factors. First, you can't choose the homestay you want to go. Is lucky. I talked to many persons in Canada, and some families were very nice, and some were terrible. For me, it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't very organized in terms, for example, the meals. For breakfast and lunch, you should make a sandwich with something you can find inside the fridge. But sometimes I couldn't find anything. And I dont like eat sandwich every day for lunch =/ . In Chile, the most important meal is the lunch, but in Canada not: is the dinner. So, many times I had to buy things to eat outside home, and of course, I spent a lot of money in that. That was one of the reasons because I choose to move to an apartment: save money and the possibility to cook anything you want (well, I'm not good "chef", but I had to learn).

The other thing is the freedom. In homestay you should follow many rules. Of course in the "shared house" you have to put rules too. But its different. Everybody is your same (or similar) age. You have more similar interests. And I'm not talking just with partys. Actually, we didn't do A LOOOT of partys. But you feel more like "in home", not like your are a "guest". I don't know. I think, everything depend of "what do you want". For me, for sure, it was more comfortable live in an apartment. I really recommend.

sábado, 22 de septiembre de 2012


This is a "tragicomic" history.

The day that I arrived in my cousin's home, I "met his dog" : an adorable and small dog. I like animals, so I didn't have problems with it. We played together and ran inside the house. I was happy to have for awhile a pet... Happy until I lost it =s

The problem was this: My cousin had to pick up his wife. So I stayed alone with the dog some hours. In one moment I opened the door to look the garden, and PUF, the dog ran out away.. 

FUCK! And now, what I will do? In the beginning I thought it will be easy catch it, but I was wrong. The dog ran REALLY FAST! When you was almost catching it, she ran again. Oh shit! I just arrived and I already lost a dog =S ... Fortunately, all the neighbour helped me. One old girl ran with me trying to catch it. And after 40 minutes going right and going left, we caught it !!

Uff, the day after that, all my muscles pained me.

Before the escape !

Things you have to DO (3) : Canoe !

When I was in my last week in Canada, I decide go to visit my cousin in Ottawa. I didnt met him before. I don't know ALL my family. He is older than me, like an uncle. Actually, he is one year younger than my mom =p . But it was a good decision go to met him. He is nice.

He live in Ottawa since he was studying in the University (like 30 years ago). He decided to escape the political problems that they had at that time. He got married with one canadian girl, and together, they had 2 sons (I couldnt meet them because they dont live in Ottawa).

Guillermo (my cousin), show me one amazing part of Canada: do canoe. It was perfect. I felt like the movie "Into the wild" . I would like go with friends, camp near the lake, and relax. But, despite do canoe just for the day, it was a such good experience.

I really recomend try to do something like that. I did in Ottawa, in Gatineau Park, but I know that near Toronto, there are a place to do it : Alconquin Park . My school, Ilac, had in the schedule go there, but I didn't do for save money. But if you can, DO IT !


martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

The Beer Store

Beer Store! The name say everything: its a place where you can find differents types of beer. 

In Canada is really common see this store.  Okey, its not the same amount of stores like with Mc Donalds, Tim Hortons, Starbucks & Pizza Pizza (3 blocks and you can see at least one of these stores) , but if I start to think, I saw 15 or more in all Canada.

Is a different system. When you enter, is like to enter to a fridge. Its really cold. You can see differents packs of beers of differents brands. So, you can take one of those, and then go to pay. Fast & Simple. And its not expensive. For example, if you buy one pack of 12 bottles, you will pay like US$20 . Its a good price for Canada.

In addition, another thing that I like, its with the recycle. After the party, you can go with your empty bottles and sell . They not pay too much (c$10 per bottle) but if you save a good amount, its not bad to save a little money for the next purchase. And its good to the environment too ;) 

I came home...

I'm in Chile. I'm in home. And fortunately, I'm feel like in home.

Days before that I go back, I was scared. For everything. I thought: "Everything will be new: new house, without car, I have to find a job, a new member in the family is coming, blabla" ... I was really scared. But I arrived and I feel like I never went to Canada. I saw my family and it was like I had seen yesterday. The same with my friends. I knew my new house, and it was my home from always

Just yesterday, talking with my best friend, I realized WHY I'm feeling like that. Everything new is not bad. Because that, I'm feel good. I didn't returned to my old life. And I'm not saying that before go Canada, I didn't like my life, but it's good "refresh" your life, you know? The "monotony" is boring. I like the changes. I like try new things. And if I went back to my old life, I would have felt like I was backing. 

But NOT, I'm going forward. Step by step. Now I'm looking the positive side. Everything new, anything, is GOOD. Good for you ! The problem is when you are boring of the new thing. But why happens that? Because is not more NEW. And in this moment you have to try to do something different. 

If you are always taking the same path, why not try with one new path? Just that, and it will be different ;) 

Welcome my friend...

I was smiling before meeting her. 
I was exciting. 
She is like my sister, or more than that. I don't now how to describe. 
She was in Europe, me in Canada.
4 month without seeing each other.

The best part of the Farewell? The reunions !


domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2012

I love the connectivity...

Of course I miss Toronto.

I miss the transport. Just show the card and go inside the bus or subway.
I miss the "24 hours women" wishing me a good day.
I miss look to a handsome contructor on the street (or the driver, mechanic, plumbler, hahaha)
I miss Thursday's Night in Madison Pub.
I miss the matutine song of one of my roomates.
I miss the voice in the subway saying "the next station is Spadina, Spadina station"
I miss to eat creppes with nutella and banana in Ossgoode.
I miss going to buy in Bluenotes, H&M and Forever XX1.
I miss go fast by one part of the electric stairs.
I miss just have the possibility to go to Toronto Island.
I miss the Beer Store.
I miss to be impressed everytime i saw the CN Tower.

But more than anything, I miss my Toronto's Friends.

However, I'm happy to be connect with them by social networks: Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp.. Thanks that, I'm not feel far. I feel like I'm with them =)


lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

And the day to say goodbye arrived ! =(

It's so rare! I wasn't prepare yet...
I had a date to go Toronto, and a date to go back home... I couldn't do nothing

Anyway, I'm LUCKY! I'm lucky to have known good friends.. SUCH GOOD FRIENDS !! They helped me a lot! In special, my last day in Toronto. From do my suitcases, carry my bags, help me at the airport and be with me until the last moment.. I dont know what I would have done, without them!


I think I was in shock..
It's so sad to say bye to the people you wanna see more. Because, ok, I know (and hope) I will see some of them after.. But the problem is I will not see them when I want.. What happens if in 5 days more, I wanna go out with one of them? I CAN'T! And this is the reason to I'm frustrate. I can't delete the last image in the airport! Everyone crying. It was so sad! And every moment that I remembered that, one tear appeared. But okey, Who said that cry it's bad? It's not. Cry it's just the result of we have good NEW friendships.

Now I hope the time help me to be patience. I just need that !
I won really good friends, and this is better than any english's course.

Everything happens for one reason. And like 1 friend say, I think we didn't came here to learn english. That was just a detail. We came here to meet good friends, and learn how we will do to mantain the relation.

martes, 28 de agosto de 2012

Places you have to know (4) : Niagara Falls !

Ohh Amazing place

It's like a little city where you can feel you are in a movie (I feel like that). Differents fancy stores where you can be a child. I just regret hadn't gone more time, because there are maaaaany places you can go, and maaaaaaany thing you can do.... And if you like take photographs, uffff, you MUST to go !!

Anyway, more than the city and the stores, the important part (like the name say) are the falls! And are amazing! So big! If you are there, you can go near of the falls taking a boat! In the place, the people will give you a blue waterproof coat and you will be like a SMURF, but its funny. Its a such good experience! The bad part its you have to do a BIG LINE and wait like 1 or 2 hours. And if is hot, its terrible (I HATE wait too much!) But I think it's worth ;) It's a unique experience, so you should do it.

My recommendation is: If you can, go by yourself and sleep, at least, one night there. I think is better because you can enjoy all the place with more calm and not running like I had to do.